Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spattis: The beginning

Spattis began as an idea while I was learning C++ programming, I created a text parser kinda thing where you roam around fighting enemy that appeared on random. every time you moved you would loose gas, and would have to refuel using the money you get from the enemy.

There would be a store at X: 0 and Y: 0 which is the main center of operations.
it worked out for a bit until I tried to make the enemies more dynamic. I tried to have them as individual entities like the player. they would level up and have health. I also tried to add friendly units, they would occasionally battle the bad units and the winner gets Exp.

This failed because of bad coding practices at the time, I was new to the concept of classes and therefore could not properly implement them. I had to scrap the project because errors where too common (Shop would not work, Enemies broken)

I eventually dropped the project all together,

Later while me and a friend where talking, we came up with ideas. the concept of Spattis. This lead me to the need to create this, it was a few months before I could allocate skill to do this, I decided to do it In C# due to its design, much less complex and will allow me to make a game much faster. it has built in functions that make video game creation much easier.

I am not sure if I am in terms "doing this right". Is there a better way to do this? NO IDEA! so the programming part is still in planning,

The game right now is visioned to be 2d (I'm not good enough to make 3d yet)
also pixel art may be the style giving it that 'Retro' feel.

(The game would like sorta like this)

What do you think?
I appreciate feedback!

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